So far, in the world, are very few questionnaires that focus on sports psychology.

Most of the time, athletes are evaluated with personality or cognitive questionnaires that are not specific to sports psychology. In the happiest cases, sports psychologists translate questionnaires specific to sports psychology and apply them to individuals practicing a certain type of sport.

SPORTS PSY PROFILE  is the result of an extensive study that lasted nearly two years and was applied on 1,000 athletes.

SPORT PSY PROFILE is a psychological test battery that evaluates 17 psychological dimensions and 5 axes of performance  that are directly associated with sports performance.

The SPORT PSY PROFILE test battery proposes a wide range of psychometric tests specific to sports psychology. The scales in this test battery target aspects such as: The Harmonious Passion and The Obsessive Passion for sports, Perfectionism, Mental Training of Athletes, Adversity to Imperfectionism, Focus under Pressure, Competitive Resilience, Coachability, Adaptability, Team Cohesion, Leadership, Consciousness, Somatic Anxiety, Cognitive Anxiety, Self-Efficacy and The Spirit of Competition.

SPORTS PSY PROFILE offers vital information to athletes and their parents, coaches, club presidents and federations on how to effectively invest resources like time, money and energy for the optimal development of future champions.

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